Lucas Chihuahuas "PET" contract/agreement...

I ________________________ agree that this dog will not live outside, on cement or in a cage. Crating is acceptable for short term training, heat or quarantine reasons.

I agree this dog is intended to be a lifelong pet in my home. Full AKC breeding rights are not given with this dog (unless arrangements are made for exception).

I agree this dog is qualified as "PET", I agree to neuter him or her.

I agree this dog will have free health care for life and will not go to a shelter or pound.  I agree to contact Lucas Chihuahuas if I am unable to keep this dog.

I understand that removing this dog from my premises finalizes our agreement.  This is not an object to be returned for refund. It's little heart will be injured by leaving us and it is your responsibility to comfort and bond with it.

With that being said; if this is just not the dog for you? Call us. Delivery costs are not refundable and are the responsibility of buyer. But we can discuss a partial refund of dog upon return in exact same condition as when purchased.

I understand there are no guarantees or warrantees with this dog.  This dog will be vetted at 8 weeks and you will be given full disclosure on any flaws before you buy him or her.  We will provide a copy of vet 8 week evaluation at delivery along with shot record.

I agree to take the dog to a vet within a few days (less than a week) to be examined (please make an appointment before delivery).You agree to get the remaining vaccinations in a timely manor.


Don and Stephanie Lucas
Sable puppies are born darker and lighten over time. Some sable pups: "clear" (lose all dark color), some stay "tipped" (tips or ends of hairs are darker), or some dogs can keep some still have pattern.
A sable dog has dark stripe down the back when born, but there are 3 genetic varieties of sable, so you don't know the final adult color...sometimes...for a year or two.
Isabella color is chocolate delute
Sable color change over time
Dog coat colors
Seal is a black with red undertones