Our Average price for a "Lucas Chihuahuas Puppy" is $5000. Vetting at 8 weeks determines the price.  Price is higher for extra small puppy or rare color. Price is lower if puppy is found to be flawed (example incorrect bite).

We are a very small elite breeder of exceptionally well bred (DNA and vet health tested) AKC chihuahuas with champion and grand champion bloodlines from around the world.

Due to repeated requests and extremely high interest in our (mostly) holistically raised (we don't use chemical flea or worming treatments), and highly socialized (by Puppy Culture method) puppies, out bred from champion and grand champion bloodlines (from around the world); we are now offering a waiting list to approved pet buyers.

An approved pet buyer means that we have made contact, spoken on the phone, and have an understanding about the needs of the buyer and the limitations of the seller.

Waiting list non refundable deposit/fee:
Our waiting list is for serious pet buyers who have decided that they want a Lucas Chihuahua puppy, are willing to wait for a Lucas Chihuahua puppy from us and willing to back it up with a $200 deposit/fee for $5000 puppy. When puppy is born and chosen, an additional non-refundable $500 deposit is required to hold that puppy until you pick it up or have it delivered (your deposits/fee is applied to the purchase price).

$200 NON REFUNDABLE deposit/fee:
1. secures you a place in line (you receive a number)
2. you are automatically contacted when a litter is bred
3. you are automatically contacted when whelping takes place
4. you are then given the opportunity to choose your puppy
5. we ask that you do that in a timely manor (at or before 8 weeks) so the next person in line can choose 
6. When you choose your puppy; a non-refundable $500 deposit is required to hold it until pickup or delivery (at 9 weeks).

Puppy price:
Average price of a Lucas Chihuahua puppy is $5000. If there is something negative found at 8 week vetting, the price may be lowered (but don't expect that). If a puppy is well made healthy and small (or rare color); the price may be higher (up to $7000). If it's a very small puppy, take home wait time may be longer than the normal 9 weeks).

PET buyers:
Pet homes are expected on our waiting list, since people who show expect to evaluate for show structure and breeders would also. But since we outbreed (for a larger gene pool) we have a variety of "looks" and "types" and are unequipped to satisfy the needs or desires of show or breeder expectations. We find that the returning of one of our puppies because of a perceived inadequacy to win ribbons is unconscionable and we outbreed (from American, Russian and European bloodlines) so our dogs will not breed true to AKC show type or size (they are from around the world).

With that being said...If client understands our breeding program...we are willing to discuss selling to properly vetted/qualified (AKC) small in-home breeder with $1000 full breeding rights fee. Otherwise...all puppies are sold without breeding rights.

AKC pedigrees (of all parents) are on our website (adults page) and also ingrus, so clients can see up to 9 generations behind the parents of puppy. We will send weekly updates of the progress of their chosen puppy (weight charting each week birthday) and send photos and videos (FACEBOOK messenger is my choice, videos are most compatible with messenger and it makes my life easier).

AKC Chihuahua "show" size limit
 is 6 pounds.

FCI Chihuahua "show" size limit
 is 3kg or 6.6 pounds

This is our MOST WONDERFUL VET, Dr. Jennifer Hendricks of Pass Christian MS