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Stephanie and Don Lucas, breeders of exceptional AKC long coat Chihuahua puppies from American, European, Asian, Mexican and Russian Champion, Grand Champion, International Champion and World Winner bloodlines. Located in Pass Christian, Mississippi USA.

We "OUTBREED" (meaning... breeding dogs who are not closely related) to reduce the possibility of genetic illness. We purchased the finest quality apple head Chihuahuas available (costing from $4000 to $8000...a piece plus up to $3500 for delivery) from around the world. Since we "out breed" and do not breed for size; we have a variety of looks and sizes for the Chihuahua enthusiast to choose from. We do not apologize for our prices, our average price for a Lucas Chihuahua puppy is $5000.

Health is our first priority... 1. All adult dogs are DNA genetic tested for inherited disease AND vet screened for ears, eyes, heart, lungs and patella (if they don't pass "PERFECT" we don't reproduce them)... 2. All puppies are vet tested for ears, eyes, heart, lungs and patella. Our second priority: beauty, structure and disposition. Our dogs live with us in our home and are born in our bedroom. Our puppies are evaluated by the "Puppy Puzzle" method and are highly socialized by the "Puppy culture" method for the highest intellectual and emotional growth.

We handle them daily, nails clipped weekly, and they are mostly pee pad trained when they leave us.

Our dogs are elite superior quality "PETS" for the discriminating buyer.  We do not recommend our dogs for show or breeding. FCI (American, European, Asian, Mexican and Russian) chihuahuas are allowed to be larger than AKC (American) chihuahuas; so since we outbreed from around the world, our dogs may occasionally go over the 6 pound AKC show limit.

Our dogs are bred for disposition. We socialize them from day 2 with "Early Neural Stimulation" (a program developed for the US Army for war dogs) for a lifetime of better adjustment to new situations and quicker stress recovery. We use the "Puppy Culture" method as our guide for superior socialization until the puppies leave for their new homes.

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AKC long coat chihuahuas, Pass Christian, Mississippi 39571 USA
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