I ________________________ agree that this dog will not live outside, on cement or in a cage. Crating is acceptable for short term training, heat or quarantine reasons.

If this is a female, I agree not to breed her the first heat and only once a year after that and not after 8 years old.

If this dog is qualified as "PET", I agree to neuter him or her.

This dog will have free health care for life and will not go to a shelter or pound. 

I understand that removing this dog from my premises finalizes our agreement.  This is not an object to be returned for refund. It's little heart will be injured by leaving us and it is your responsibility to comfort and bond with it.

With that being said; if this is just not the dog for you? Call us. Delivery costs are not refundable and are the responsibility of buyer. But we can discuss a partial refund of dog upon return in exact same condition as when purchased.


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Pass Christian, Mississippi USA
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