This is "Oeno It's my Party" (call name Woofie) imported from Lithuania. His champion (and international champion) parents and grandparents are from France, United Kingdom, Spain and Russia. He now lives in a two chihuahua home.
     His face is our logo and as you can see he was my husband's dog. It is no small effort or expense to import a dog. It was harder than we expected. Everything involved with breeding quality Chihuahuas is harder and more expensive than expected. But it is our labor of love and we are laughing more than not.
Our Breeding Males
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Pass Christian, Mississippi USA
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Lucas Chihuahuas Puppies

This is Luke (Dazzles Red Fox at Lucas chihuahuas). Beautiful dog. We got our feet wet showing him in matches and one real show. Someone hurt him and he never raised his tail in public again. Very sad, we never showed him again, but he gave us wonderful, beautiful and healthy puppies. He now lives as king of one dog home.
Champion Chocoladny Baron, Junior Champion and Champion of Russia, Junior Champion and Champion of Lithuania.
The risk and expense to import dogs is extreme. Sometimes you get what you pay for... sometimes you get taken advantage of. When you get what you pay for the results are amazing. Blues now lives in a one dog home.
Retired to one or two dog homes...
Our Breeding Females
All of our adult breeding dogs are vet cleared for: ears, eyes, heart, lungs, general health, with no external or internal parasites and 0/0 patella.