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Lucas Chihuahuas, breeders of long coat apple head chihuahuas from American, European and Russian Champion, Grand Champion and International Champion bloodlines.

We "outbreed" (meaning... breeding dogs who are in no way related) to reduce the possibility of genetic illness. We have purchased the finest long coat apple head Chihuahuas available (and we could afford). Since we "out breed" and do not breed for size; we have a variety of looks and sizes, in both pet and show quality Chihuahuas for sale.

Health is our first priority, second: beauty, structure and disposition. Our dogs live with us in our home and are born in our bedroom. Our puppies are evaluated by the "Puppy Puzzle" method and are highly socialized by the "Puppy culture" method for the highest intellectual and emotional growth.

We handle them daily, nails clipped weekly, and they are mostly pee pad trained when they leave us. We do not apologize for our prices, starting at $950 for pet quality and go to $2900 (or more) for breeding and potential show dogs for sale.
All of our dogs are AKC Long coat appleheads.
We out breed for: health, beauty, structure, longevity and disposition; so we have a variety of sizes and "looks". It is not about the size. You may "want" a tiny dog but the truth is, they are often runts and sickly.
You can pay up front with your purchase of a healthy well breed puppy or endlessly for an unhealthy dog for a lifetime. Please consider that when you choose a breeder and your new compainion.
Our Wonderful "forever families" and their dogs from us!
Our forever family homes are carefully screened. We prefer not to place our dogs in homes with little children. Please tell us about your home and expectations, so together, we can evaluate what chihuahua is best for you.